Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time For A Spot of Common Sense.

I know, you thought I was going to say "a spot of tea."

The unmasking and revealing go on by the hour. Somewhere, somehow, someone has had enough. We are here at the summing up of the age. Let your response be your destiny, just as your character is your fate.

For the complete post see: Les Visible.

How about a picture? Let's see -- I like this one. I don't know about you but I couldn't hold a cherry tomato between my lips and not bite into it. Don't you just wonder what this guy's thinking? Look at those eyes. It's as if he's been reading bumper stickers for a couple of decades and finally realized that whatever they say from one to the other all bumper stickers mean the same thing: I'm better than you. If you ask me, this orango-tango is going to run up to the next car with a bumper sticker on the back bumper, pull the driver out from behind the wheel, and flatten his nose so that it will look just like his. What do you think?

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