Friday, April 10, 2009

And You Thought We Were Out Of The Woods.

There is a cancer out there in the world, in the whole globe, but we don't know what it is or where it sleeps or where it washes up or where it eats, so the best we can do is have a little fun with it. It won't go away, but maybe we will, in the sense that we will no longer have to submit to it.

The cancer is a world-wide will. I know, there's no such thing, but the illusion is there, and therefore the power -- the power of that will. What if nobody obeyed? It would lose its power.

The trouble is, if nobody obeyed, this world-wide will would get angry and kill lots of people. But the survivors would say, "See, it has no power. All it can do is kill. It can't make us do what it wants." True, but what about those dead people? You could have been one of them. And what about you, who are still alive? Had you been called to die, would you have gone? Would you have stepped up to the maw and said, "Drop dead"?

So, now -- how do you like your life, knowing that an unspecified number of people have died because they said No? While you stood by the side and said nothing? Myself, I'd feel great. The dirty little secret is: they said No because, secretly, they thought that God (the God of the Judaites) would come at the last moment and save them from death? Why did they think that? Because the truth is you really don't have to die. There is just no good reason to "lose" like that.

So, since you don't really have to die, why try to avoid it? I mean, just because someone wants to kill you? What would be wrong with popping up to the Fifth Density to find a new body? The Fifth Density is where you go after shedding the body you've got to get the body you really wanted all along. And, of course, what you really wanted will surprise you.

I'm sorry, I meant to tell some simple little stupid story, and here I am talking about the Densities. How can I tell you what a Density is? It's all a matter of perception. And, on top of everything, as you know, you're saved!!

Once upon a time, a guy named Jim picked up his keys, got in his car, and drove several hundred miles to visit Mary. After he arrived at Mary's house, Mary began telling the neighbors that Her Brother had come for a visit, and, while he was there, he was going to fix some things around the house. Since nobody had asked her who he was, everybody began to wonder not only who he was but what his business here could possibly be. I don't have to tell you what they concluded. Was he staying in a nearby motel? No. Was his car parked right next to hers every night? Yes. What are the odds that "that guy" is actually her brother?

Make sense? See, it's the same old thing with a touch of sin about it, a touch of shame. To dot the i and cross the t, had she said simply he's here to fuck me and fix the roof no one would have bothered with "her brother" at all. But instead, she had something to hide. So in spite of all these new liberated ways it's still the same: a woman more or less always looks like a chippie, and a man more or less always looks like a wolf.

But never mind. For a few years more -- still -- you will not have to be a hypocrite, unless you want to be. Just watch out, it won't last forever. You'll see, hypocrisy will make a comeback, big time, even though at the moment -- and only for the moment -- it is mainly to be found in those other places where they gather. "They" being the high poloi.

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